09 – Diversity Now!

It gets a bit heavy in this episode of The Geekery, Matt has become disenchanted with PC sensitivity, Chris has a preference for the word “orientation”, Willie finally gets to talk about football, and the guys get serious about diversity.  Warning: it seriously gets serious.


We are on Stitcher now!

Greetings from The Geekery.

Just to let you guys know, the podcast is on Stitcher now. If you use a smart phone or tablet, it is much easier to listen through the Stitcher app than from the blog itself. Check out www.stitcher.com or download it from your phone’s/tablet’s app store.  

Also, we have a new logo for the podcast.  We commissioned the very talented Will Cain to create a new logo that represented the three of us individually and the podcast itself, we think he knocked it out of the park.  Check it out below.


07 – D**k Slap

In what is possibly the most vulgar episode of The Geekery, the guys talk about cartoons, Matt reads some tweets, Chris reveals his true feelings about Macklemore and Madonna, and Willie is transitioning.